The New (Old) Lie

Irenaeus wrote “Against Heresies”, an early treatise defending Christianity against Gnosticism.

Well, now I’ve gone and gotten all uptight about something. Let’s rant.

I was recently watching a very popular network television show, and what I heard in it was nothing less than a very old lie told as if it was some new, empowering insight. There were two Christian high school students, one had interest in a girl, and was struggling to know how to deal with his sexual feelings toward her. His friend’s advice was that the Bible is outdated because it was written in a different time when things were easier. We should all be the sort of Christians that pray, and concerned abut being good people, but it is impossible to live up to those standards, so don’t even try. What really matters is our spirit. “We can be a new kind of Christian,” said the young man. Besides, the Bible says that tattoos are wrong too, and we basically ignore that one.
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